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The Livermore Home

We are in the beginning of our house-hunting journey.  Been in a few weeks and have seen about 10 open houses in the last few weekends. We found a beautiful home in Livermore last weekend that we decided to put our first offer on.  The asking prices was $850K which was over our budget.  We decided to put in an offer of $820K to see what happens and no expectation of the seller accepting the offer.

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The things that I loved about this home was that it wasn’t too old and it wasn’t too new where it would lack backyard space.  I love the idea of having a decent sized backyard for entertainment, bbq, gardening.  Nothing too big, but adequate.  I’ve decided that homes built in the late 90′s with an upgraded interior is ideal.  This home had all of that, a beautiful spacious interior of 2500 square feet, an updated kitchen although it wasn’t very big and open.  The home was well-maintained and the selling point of that home was definitely the backyard with lovely landscape and a small vineyard of grapes.  The owner supposedly bottled 2 cases of wine from what they grew!

What I didn’t love so much about the home was the master bedroom and bath.  It really didn’t wow and the master bath was underwhelming with an incomplete shower.  I also didn’t love the fact that it didn’t have a built-in microwave and the traffic on the freeway from Livermore is awful.  I would not want to be that driver.  However, what I loved outweighed what I didn’t love which is why I thought it was worth it to put in an offer.  I normally would not put in an offer on a home unless I could see myself living there.

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Unfortunately, I just found out that I didn’t get the home.  They accepted an offer from a buyer who offered at least asking price, which was fine because I didn’t have high hopes of getting this home.  But I knew I would have regretted not having tried.  It’s back to the drawing board, but I’m hopeful that my perfect home is coming on the market in the near future.  The market is hot right now, saturated with homes.  I just have to be patient.  I’m sure it will take several offers before I finally get my own, but it will all be worth it in the end.

I don’t feel completely bad for not having gotten the Livermore home because a nice open gourmet kitchen and master bath is important to me, besides having a great backyard to entertain.

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