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Follow These Tips to Finding the Right Limousine

My sister’s birthday is coming up in about a month and I thought what a fun idea it would be to rent a limo to Napa or Sonoma for the day, just like my husband had done for me for our anniversary.  You can read all about it below.  She turns the big 3-0 so I figured it should be something more spectacular than another gathering around the house at mom’s with dinner and cake.

chrysler 300


I had called a few places up to get quotes on an 8 passenger limo.  It’s interesting how differently each company quotes.  Some give you all-included rates, which includes driver’s tip, taxes, and fuel cost.  Other’s charge rates without including the tip.  So if you are price shopping, be sure to keep this in mind.  Many will include complementary champagne and bottled water with the trip.

It was also interesting to learn that some companies are small family-run businesses with only a 3-car fleet, while others were bigger and had a fleet size of 15 or more.  See here for party bus options.  I’m always for helping small local businesses.  Something you may want to consider if you want to bargain or negotiate a lower price is to ask for an all-cash option.  When I asked around, many were willing to reduce the cost  by 10%.

If you are particular about how the limo looks, you may want to ask for a photo of it or ask to come view it.  You may also want to ask what year the vehicle is.  Many limo companies run older limousines from 2003-2015.  In some cases, the older limos tend to be quoted cheaper than the newer more sought after ones.


Besides inquiring about rates, you will also want to find out how the reservation process works.  I’ve called around 5 companies so far and have gotten very different answers.  One company doesn’t requires only credit card information to hold the limo, no deposit required.  And they charge the full amount day of trip.  A second company requires a $150 deposit with credit card info and will charge the remaining amount on day of service.  A third company requires a $200 deposit and charges the full amount 2 days prior to trip for credit card payment or will take remainder on day of trip if paying in cash.

Definitely do your due diligence and your research.  Finally, don’t forget to ask about their cancellation policy.  I have gotten answers from 3 days to one week before trip.


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